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Is Ashton Kutcher a closet conservative?

Posted Friday, November 8th 2013 @ 6pm

Is Ashton Kutcher a closet conservative? See his latest remarks about changing the entitlement culture

Ashton Kutcher set the internet on fire in August with his acceptance speech at the Teen Choice Awards, where he talked about how opportunity looks a lot like hard work. He was at it again in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in which he talked about the entitlement problem in the United States today. Check out the great comments and Glenn’s reaction (and plea) to Ashton HERE.

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Glenn shares highlights from Rev. Billy Graham’s 95th birthday party

Glenn had the distinct honor and privilege of attending Rev. Billy Graham’s 95th birthday party in North Carolina last night. There were many extremely accomplished people in attendance, yet everyone felt incredibly small upon seeing a compilation of photos from Rev. Graham’s life. Glenn reflected on one of the most inspiring people the planet has ever seen on radio this morning. WATCH

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